Walking Meetings in the COVID Era

Walking meetings have been gaining popularity in recent years and in some circumstances, they may have increased utility during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent post on the Keystone Partners blog, Dr. Brendel describes the pros and cons of walking meetings and gives some suggestions on the best ways to make them successful.

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The Dog Days of COVID: 8 Suggestions for Staying Sane And Maybe Even Thriving

By Dr. Stefan Kalt and Dr. David Brendel

As the “new normal” of COVID sinks in, many are feeling anxious, lonely, and unwell. And for good reason: professional and personal plans are on hold or have been curtailed, social distancing is taking its toll, we’re mourning the loss of personal freedoms, and caring for ourselves and others is more challenging.Read More  »

KevinMD: Want a resilient organization? Address physician burnout now

Diane Shannon and David Brendel co-authored this guest post on this physician-centered blog about the escalating problem of burnout in the medical fields. Together they outline the problem and suggest some needed changes that would help alleviate the problem. Among the proposed solutions is the idea that medical providers would benefit from executive coaching to help with time and people-management skills.Read More  »