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Meet the consultants in the Leading Minds Executive Coaching practice. In addition to Dr. David Brendel, there are three other coaching professionals who work with clients directly and behind the scenes to deliver outstanding coaching services: Emmie Stamell, Stefan Kalt, and Ryan Stelzer.

Stefan Kolt Executive Coach for Education
Stefan Kalt, PhD

Senior Associate

Emmie Stammel Photo
Emmie Roe Stamell

Mindfulness Coach

Ryan Stelzer Coach Photo
Ryan Stelzer

Executive Coaching Associate

Dr David Brendel MD PhD Executive Coach Photo
About Dr. David Brendel, MD, PhD

A Track Record of Excellence at the Highest Levels. Dr. Brendel’s educational background and career achievements reflect his deep commitment to understanding human experience and to helping others face human challenges so that they can thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Building on his medical training and doctoral work in philosophy, Dr. Brendel became a leading psychiatrist and hospital executive. Dr. Brendel is also an author with articles in publications such as Psychology TodayHarvard Business Review, and Huffington Post.

With Leading Minds, he applies his background and expertise to his work as a certified executive coach, corporate team coach, management consultant, crisis management specialist, and philosophical counselor. His passion in all these endeavors is to help others deepen their capacity for self-reflection and thereby enhance their capacity to succeed at the highest level in their work and personal lives. Download Dr. Brendel’s CV

Harvard-Trained MD/PhD Psychiatrist
Certified Executive Coach
Master Certified Coach Trainer
Experienced Hospital Executive
MIT Press Author of Healing Psychiatry
Harvard Business Review Blogger

Co-Author of “Think Talk Create: Building Workplaces Fit For Humans,” as well as several important Executive and Career coaching models, Dr. Brendel’s ground-breaking work on the Human Quotient has been featured in the Huffington Post. Dr. Brendel has also developed several other models including the PITTA Model for Executive Coaching, the SANE model for Philosophy and Coaching, and the 4-M Wellness and Stress Management Model.

Think Talk Create

Building Workplaces Fit For Humans

A brilliant counter-narrative for restoring humanity to the bottom-line, numbers-obsessed culture of the modern, 21st century workplace.

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Media Appearances

Consultant for ABC News OnCall+ Mind & Mood


Consultant to PBS series American Experience (commentary on The Lobotomist)


Business Network featured a debate on my paper, Patient-Targeted Googling from the Harvard Review of Psychiatry


One Hour at a Time

Radio Show Host

Leading Minds with Dr. David Brendel aired on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel.


I have done a great deal of public speaking on all my professional interests. Some of my recent speeches have focused on my overall approach to executive coaching, the relationship between coaching and psychiatry, the relevance of philosophical counseling to coaching, the ethics of coaching, and the role of the Internet and social media in coaching practice.

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Dr. Brendel’s Experienceand Credentials

  • B.A. summa cum laude, Yale University
  • M.D., Harvard Medical School
  • Ph.D. in philosophy, University of Chicago

Media Photography

Dr David Brendel MD PhD Executive Coach Photo
Dr David Brendel MD PhD Executive Coach Photo
Dr David Brendel MD PhD Executive Coach Photo
Dr David Brendel MD PhD Executive Coach Photo