Leading Minds Executive Coaching engagements are customized to the unique needs of each client, but there is a general coaching sequence that is common across the board. The Leading Minds PITTA executive coaching model provides an overarching framework for clients who seek a transformative coaching experience.

The PITTA acronym stands for Pause, Inquire, Target, Transform, and Amplify. The process of this executive coaching model is iterative and loops back on itself:

  • Pause: The client enhances his or her capacity to slow down, breathe deeply, take stock of current circumstances, and become poised for well-considered next steps.
  • Inquire: After pausing, the client works on asking himself or herself powerful questions (self-reflection) and asking others open-ended, thought provoking questions that can drive pivotal conversations (Active Inquiry).
  • Target: The inquiry process positions the client to define areas for improvement and further development; in this phase, client and coach together create a targeted developmental action plan with specific goals and benchmarks for success.
  • Transform: This is the implementation phase of coaching in which the action plan is enacted. Clients try out new cognitive and behavioral approaches. in the service of developing new leadership habits.
  • Amplify: The newly evolved skills can apply across multiple situations of one’s work and personal lives. As the skills broaden, the client periodically loops back to phase 1 to reevaluate their results and ongoing usefulness.

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