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Executive Coaching in Boston MA, Belmont MA, New York City, and Worldwide

  • Harvard-trained MD/PhD Psychiatrist
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Master Certified Coach Trainer
  • Experienced Hospital Executive
  • Harvard Business Review Author

I am based in Boston and serve clients from the local area, throughout the United States, and around the world. Many clients come to see me in person, and I am able to travel to see them as needed. I am also available to work with executive coaching and philosophical counseling clients by telephone and video conferencing. Contact me at (617) 932-1548 or David@DrDavidBrendel.com.

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Think Talk Create

Building Workplaces Fit For Humans

A brilliant counter-narrative for restoring humanity to the bottom-line, numbers-obsessed culture of the modern, 21st century workplace.

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Leadership Development in Complex Times

All successful people eventually hit walls in their careers and personal lives. The skills and traits that once brought them success no longer serve them well under new circumstances. Regardless of whether they are being promoted or have suffered a major professional setback. they need to adapt quickly and pivot into an entirely new role for which they may be woefully unprepared. That new role might involve staying with the same employer, or it might require a major transition to an entirely different line of work.

Across all business sectors and areas of professional practice, workers confront significant transitions. When transitioning into leadership roles, they cannot rely on their old ways of conducting themselves. They must transform their mindset, executive presence, and behavior patterns in order to succeed in the new role.

Technical skills and know-how are no longer sufficient. They must also learn to collaborate with C-suite executives, develop novel business opportunities, and inspire their colleagues and direct reports with a well-articulated vision of success. The skills that leaders must enhance include (but are not limited to) strategic thinking, time management, priority setting, and interpersonal communication. They need to deepen the social and emotional intelligence that are so essential in executive leadership roles. They need to pay closer attention to nonverbal communication as manifested in their body language, tone of voice, and facial expression.

They need to improve their stress management skills, so that they don’t come across to others as frustrated, irritable, or dismissive. No matter what the industry, leadership development challenges are common across all business and practice settings. There are universal principles of leadership that can be flexibly adapted to different situations.

In my work with Leading Minds, I’ve helped high-level clients confronting complex leadership challenges in a wide diversity of businesses and professions, including the following: biotech, Pharma, healthcare, engineering, software, law, financial services, private equity, manufacturing, food services, family businesses, higher education, and nonprofits.

Contact me to discuss the possibility of launching a coaching engagement with Leading Minds Executive Coaching in Boston or Belmont, MA.

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Adding depth, knowledge, and additional services to Leading Minds, Emmie Stamell helps clients to manage stress and develop mindfulness skills such as meditation, controlled breathing, and yoga. Stefan Kalt is a certified executive coach who helps clients to think strategically, set clear priorities, and enhance their productivity. He works with clients across diverse industries, with a specialized focus on coaching educators and researchers. Ryan Stelzer is a management consultant with vast experience in higher education, government, financial services, and public speaking. Along with Dr. Brendel, he is the co-author of the book Think Talk Create: Building Workplaces Fit for Humans.

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