The Human Quotient (HQ) is a unique, evidence based model that I developed for clients of Leading Minds Executive Coaching and for a leadership training company of which I am co-founder: Strategy of Mind, LLC.

HQ is a powerful framework that empowers individuals to enhance their experience and performance in the workplace. The “quotient” is defined as “proactive” divided by “reactive” and it has 3 separate but related manifestations: cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal. People can increase their HQ with rigorous coaching and training. HQ coaching and training empowers individuals to self reflect, set clear goals, chart their own destinies, grow their businesses, and attain fulfillment in all parts of their lives.

The cognitive dimension of HQ involves enhancement of self-awareness and strategic visioning. The behavioral dimension involves development of self-regulation and stress management skills, such as mindfulness. The interpersonal dimension revolves around enhancing collaboration, team effectiveness, innovation, and psychological safety in the workplace. When highly motivated clients integrate all three components of HQ in coaching engagements, they position themselves for transformative career and personal growth.

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