11/9/17 – Perspectives on Managing Attention Deficit Disorder

Many of my coaching clients have focus and executive function issues that may or may not be treated. I recently wrote two articles for HealthGrade’s Healthguide that can help them determine whether or not they are getting the best possible treatments for Adult ADD and ADHD:

Huffington Post: How Leaders Can Promote Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Psychological safety is an important construct in the modern workplace. It involves the idea that workers should feel confident in taking calculated risks knowing that coworkers and managers will support them in the event of failure. In this article by Dr. David Brendel and Sara Davis, psychological safety and the corresponding positive emotional culture of organizations is explored along with how coaching can help facilitate the best results.Read More  »

6/26/17 – Training Industry: The Human Quotient (HQ): A Model for Leadership Training

The Human Quotient (HQ) is a leadership training model proposed by Dr. Brendel. This article in Training Industry Magazine, explains some of the broad aspects of the model and why they are important to study and measure. Learn more about the Human Quotient here on the Leading Mind’s Executive Coaching website. (The Human Quotient (HQ): A Model for Leadership Training)Read More  »