7/15/13 – SOAR Selling: How to Get Through to Almost Anyone—the Proven Method for Reaching Decision Makers

This interview will focus on the mindset and mechanics it takes to get your sales force into the C-Suite of your prospects. Most selling systems in the world are about what to do once you’ve finally reached a decision-maker, but don’t teach you how to reach that decision-maker in the first place. This interview bridges that gap. Let David and Marhnelle Hibbard show you how to reach almost anyone on the telephone. This interview is a MUST attend if you want to learn a new approach to sales that delivers a 90% contact rate on net new calls. What You Will Learn: • How to drive net new revenue making fewer calls • How to get business development and sales teams to want to prospect again • How to stop cold calling and shift to a strategic target approach • How to keep demand generation ethical • How to reach a decision-maker or high influencer on 9 out of 10 attempts • How to convert a send-me-something request into an appointment • How to leave a message that delivers an 85% return call rate