Stefan Kalt, PhD, empowers executives, professionals, and academics to develop as leaders and to transform their careers. He also assists their transition to new jobs or careers. By means of exploratory conversations and practical exercises, Stefan helps his clients to identify their core challenges and develop action plans for success. His clients reap the rewards of higher productivity, increased effectiveness, career growth, and greater agility in ever-changing career paths and work environments.

In addition to helping clients improve as leaders and professionals, Stefan shows them how to enhance their executive function skills, such as staying organized, managing time, overcoming procrastination, and maintaining focus. He is particularly experienced at helping people with ADD/ADHD hone these skills and take control of their lives.

Stefan trained at the Center for Executive Coaching and became a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Testimonials from Stefan’s clients

“Stefan helped me organize my thoughts and my approach to my work, and to plan how to manage a tricky transition that I have coming up. He helped me focus on what was important and come up with new ideas that I couldn’t have come up with on my own. Thanks to our work together I have more confidence in my ability to manage the changes and challenges ahead.” – Head of software design team

“Stefan helped me to successfully transition to a more challenging professional role, while also developing a better work-life balance. He helped me question my own assumptions about my new position and to develop strategies to more efficiently meet my responsibilities. Thanks to our work together, I feel better able to successfully pursue my professional and personal goals.” – Faculty team leader


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