Ryan Stelzer is an executive coach, management consultant, and certified crisis counselor specializing in both individual and organizational performance improvement.

Through Leading Minds Executive Coaching, Ryan empowers executives, mid-career professionals, and entry-level team members to develop as leaders capable of driving and implementing long-term change, both personally and professionally. He also assists clients as they navigate complex career transitions, enabling them to take positive steps in the direction that is most beneficial to their sustained success.

Through a combination of open-ended questions, exploratory conversations, and practical exercises, Ryan guides his clients to identify their core challenges and develop sustainable action plans for the future. His clients will not only be more productive and engaged while at work, they will be empowered as agents of change capable of innovating and driving industry-changing solutions.

Along with Dr. David Brendel, Ryan is the co-founder of Strategy of Mind, a coaching and consulting practice that specializes in developing high-performing teams and organizations. Before co-founding Strategy of Mind with Dr. Brendel, Ryan hung his cap at State Street as a management consultant in the Finance division, working on a transformation project within the organization.

Prior to his work in consulting, Ryan served at The White House as a Presidential Management Fellow during the Obama Administration, where his team was responsible for improving and sustaining high levels of performance across federal agencies. Before this, Ryan worked as a Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Export-Import Bank, where his tasks ranged from strategy to communications to speech writing to operations.

Ryan has delivered a TEDx Talk and written articles for various publications. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and undergraduate degrees with distinction from Boston University and the University of Cambridge in the UK. He received his crisis counseling certification from Crisis Text Line in New York City.


Along with Dr. David Brendel, Ryan is the co-author of the upcoming book Death by Numbers: Finding Quality of Life in a Quantitative Age to be released with Hachette: PublicAffairs in 2020.

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For more about Ryan, please email him at: ryan@strategyofmind.com.