Learn More About Dr. Brendel’s Model for Executive and Personal Coaching

Dr. Brendel provides a wide array of coaching and counseling services for successful, high functioning, and mentally stable individuals who are experiencing a crisis or seeking to optimize their life experience. His coaching practice is rooted in the science of “positive psychology,” which identifies and draws on people’s core strengths and assets to help them reach their full potential as human beings. He has written a paper entitled “From Pathology to Potential: The Rise of Positive Psychology,” which describes the power of employing positive psychology in coaching. You can request this paper below.

Good personal and executive coaching can empower individuals who are doing well but are eager to deepen the meaning and pleasure they experience in their lives. It is also a powerful tool for quickly getting back on track following a setback. It cannot be “fluffy” or “light” coaching, however. Because of the importance and complexity of the lives of my clients, the coaching process must be rigorous, powerful, and highly effective. In short, it requires a strong model for quickly overcoming setbacks and a strong coach who can implement that model along with the client.

Leading Minds Executive Coaching provides a clear and proven model for success. Drawing on positive psychology, the model involves the coach’s using a process called Active Inquiry to assist the client along a clear path to getting back on track. The coach asks the client a series of open ended, powerful, thought provoking, and transformative questions. In the course of reflecting upon and responding to these questions, the client discovers that he or she has inner strengths and assets to solve the problem at hand.

Dr. Brendel has written a paper entitled “From Setback to Back on Track: The Model for Executives” about his approach to the art and science of executive coaching. Below you will find an excerpt from the paper. If you would like to view the rest of the article, please provide your email address below. Dr. Brendel will send you this article, as well as his article on positive psychology, by email. You can also request that he add you to his newsletter mailing list.

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