Become an Executive Coach: Certified Executive Coach Training and Practice Development Program with Dr. David Brendel

The Certified Coach Training and Practice Development Program is specifically designed for business leaders and professionals who want to become a Certified Executive Coach. This course teaches you new approaches and solutions for a wide range of clients.

By becoming a Certified Executive Coach, you will be able to help your clients in new ways. During our training program, you earn the needed credentials while developing the skill-set to approach and assist your clients. You can use this new level of insight to strengthen your current work and/or establish a coaching practice. We will teach you how to transition your career, maintain your income level, and maximize the potential of being an executive coach.

This high-impact program requires a strong commitment, open-mindedness to new approaches with clients, and a well-developed capacity for self-understanding and empathy. Since this course is specifically designed for psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals, you receive training that is catered to the unique needs and challenges of these professions. You will learn coaching best practices, while receiving incomparable advice and support from experienced executive coaches. We also offer marketing support to help you grow your new client base.

  • 6-month program with rolling admission, OR participation in one of our intensive 3-1⁄2 day certification sessions (plus access to all other training services as described below)
  • Weekly one-hour calls on the principles and practices of executive coaching. Calls are recorded in case you are unable to join the live call
  • Access to a member area with video demonstrations of coaching and audio lectures, coaching manuals, and marketing manuals
  • Individualized evaluation of your strengths via in-depth interviews, validated structured assessment, and optional 360° assessment incorporating feedback from the most important people in your life (family, colleagues, friends, etc.)
  • Design of an individualized strategic plan that defines your career and lifestyle goals, and the action steps you must take to get there
  • Monthly 1-hour individual sessions with David Brendel (in person, by telephone, or via video conferencing) to discuss your career strategy and hold you accountable to the agreed upon plan
  • Access to David by email and brief telephone sessions between meetings, as needed to ensure your success; and to Andrew for enhanced marketing support
  • Referrals to additional, relevant professional consultants and mentors, as needed
  • Availability for ongoing follow-up and support after the 6-month program is completed and you have implemented your plan
  • Coaching curriculum rooted in positive psychology, Active Inquiry, power base coaching, and other proven techniques
  • Use of books, articles, and other educational materials from the professional coaching literature
  • Credential earned after completing 6-month curriculum: Certified Executive Coach
  • Option for additional credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading association in the coaching industry

NOTEThe learning in this program is highly interactive and involves such activities as role-playing and other proactive endeavors. Participants should be self-starters who are comfortable with self-directed learning. Full engagement and involvement are required to obtain maximum benefit and certification.

Options for Receiving Certification
01. Distance Learning Only

You must participate in at least 20 tele-calls which are held weekly. In addition, you will participate in 6 monthly sessions with David in person, by phone, or via Skype. You must complete 6 recorded coaching sessions that you send to David and/or Andrew for formal review and feedback. Cost: $7,500, and you can pay in ten convenient monthly installments (or save $100 by paying up front).

02. Intensive In-Person Seminar for 3-1⁄2 Days

Covers all aspects of the curriculum. These sessions occur a few times per year and are held in either Boston, MA or Sarasota, FL. You also are welcome to participate in the weekly calls. You also receive the benefits of the entire distance learning program, including up to 6 individual sessions with David in person, by phone, or via Skype. Cost: $8,500 and you can pay in ten convenient monthly installments (or save $100 by paying up front).

Sample Curriculum Topics

  • Positive psychology: the basic science of coaching
  • The difference between coaching and therapy/counseling/consulting
  • Solution-based approaches versus problem-based approaches
  • Active Inquiry: the foundational coaching conversation
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Eliciting strengths
  • Attitudes and orientations of the coach
  • The 8-step coaching process
  • Market Facing Coaching: Assess/Design/Implement/Follow Up
  • The 12P Model of Coaching
  • Client development plans
  • Accountability & Outcomes
  • Perceptual Coaching: 3 steps to changing your beliefs
  • Behavioral Coaching: Action patterns for success
  • Power Base Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Physical and Mental Wellness
  • Team Coaching
  • Creating Coaching Frameworks
  • Setting up a coaching practice
  • Professional, ethical, and legal dilemmas
  • Coaching case studies