Leading Minds Executive Coaching provides customized Executive Coach Training services in Massachusetts and worldwide. Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below. Don’t hesitate to call or email Dr. Brendel to learn whether his coach training services are a good fit for you. His office telephone number is (617) 932-1548 and email address is david@drdavidbrendel.com.

Although there isn’t any specific license needed to become an executive coach, there are several organizations that offer accreditation to executive coaching programs and certifications to coaches. Getting proper coaching certifications gives you advantages in credibility and marketability. We offer accredited training and certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is a well regarded organization with chapters in 49 countries. Having a coaching certification shows that you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to offer clients a worthwhile service. Also, you’ll find that many clients — especially large organizations — only hire coaches who are certified by the ICF or other well-regarded programs.

In general, you’re going to need to have an advanced degree to get certified. Our students tend to hold graduate degrees in fields such as psychology, business, medicine, and philosophy. It may be obvious to some, but to be an executive coach you’ll need to have an interest in business and, by extension, business people. Ideally, you will have already had some level of success in your career and now have a desire to help others achieve the same.

There isn’t a specific personality type that makes a great executive coach, but there are certainly necessary personality traits that will make a coach successful. Clients depend on coaches to help them affect change in their work environments. This comes in many forms including changes in communications, process, and creativity within individuals or entire organizations. Obviously, you’ll need strong interpersonal and analytical skills to be a successful coach. Coaching requires the ability to render honest opinions in some most difficult situations with clarity. Success in our program requires a strong commitment, open-mindedness to new approaches with clients, and a well-developed capacity for self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathy.

That depends on which of our programs you join, your level of experience, and the time you have available to put towards the required training sessions. You can join our 3.5 day, intensive, in-person programs — or you can participate in our individualized sessions (in person or via Skype) and complete your training over an extended period of time.

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Brendel today to discuss opportunities for joining our executive coaching certification programs. We have several programs available to begin the training process, so let’s talk about the best option for your situation.

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