Stefan Kalt, Ph.D.

Stefan Kalt, Ph.D. – Leading Minds Executive Coaching Associate

Stefan Kalt, Ph.D. Stefan Kalt, Ph.D. is an executive coach who specializes in empowering elite educators and researchers to develop as leaders and to transform their careers, whether inside or outside the academy. Stefan has worked in higher education for over ten years and has vast experience as a teacher, adviser, and mentor. His work with students, faculty members, administrators, and University executives has given him the breadth and depth to help a wide range of clients. By means of exploratory conversations and practical exercises, Stefan helps his clients to identify their core challenges and develop action plans for success. His clients reap the rewards of higher productivity, increased effectiveness, career growth, and greater agility in ever-changing career paths and work environment.

executive coaching for academics officeStefan completed his graduate studies in philosophy at Boston University. He went on to teach Humanities and Social Sciences in Boston University’s “Great Books” Core Curriculum, where he facilitated in-depth discussions about the central texts of the Western and Eastern philosophical traditions. He later trained at the Center for Executive Coaching. With this background and experience, Stefan is uniquely capable of helping clients apply rigorous thinking to their business and career challenges, especially in the areas of leadership, communication, collaboration, and stress management.

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