Therapist, Transformational Mentor, Coach

Do you want to feel more whole, less anxious, more fulfilled? Karuna can help.

After working for a U.S. Senator and earning a grad degree, Karuna completed dedicated study of mindfulness and the tantric approach of Kashmir Shaivism with the world’s finest scholars and kundalini meditation masters.

Karuna’s passion is reconnecting others to their intuitive nature in a meaningful, enduring way.

Karuna’s focus is non-dual.
She is primarily interested in the emerging consciousness. She treats the personality and ego as relevant yet relative.

After 25 years of study, teaching and mentoring, Karuna’s client base is varied: celebrities, individuals recovering from addiction, global financial consultants, current and emerging entrepreneurs, artists, students and people with chronic health issues have come to her for therapy and mentoring.

She also offers workplace wellbeing trainings in the UK and Ireland where clients include Allied London, Edvard & Pink and Bamford.  She recently served as a Global Wellbeing Expert for Aromatherapy Associates, London.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., after living in Hawaii for 20 years, Karuna’s goal as a keynote speaker is to inspire innovative and conscious business practices through authenticity, mentoring and transparency in the workplace.

Karuna's areas of specialty

MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION  Many of Karuna’s sessions and programs draw from ancient wisdom including mindfulness and meditation. Karuna is inclusive and non-dogmatic in approach. She honors free will yet emphasizes aligned, uplifting action in the world as inspired by the tantric study of Kashmir Shaivism.

EATING DISORDERS  Eating disorders can be isolating and painful.  They can also be healed through understanding, love, relationship and community. Karuna is here to help and to offer an ongoing plan with support.

OVERCOMING TRAUMA  Childhood trauma can instill early and necessary coping mechanisms that don’t work so well later in life.  Karuna’s approach is proactive. Together, she’ll tailor practices that best support the person you are today.

SELF LOVE  Do you have a particularly harsh inner critic? Perhaps that little mini-me wants to pull up a chair during your sessions with Karuna?

NARCISSISM  Life with a narcissist is particularly disorienting and maddening.  Whether at work, in your family or as a partner, narcissists are toxic.  Karuna can help defuse and voice confusion and anger and untie the knots around your heart so you can breathe again.

GROW YOUR DEPTH  A purpose of life is to grow depth, to expand our humanity.  During transformational mentoring, Karuna helps nurture the emerging consciousness.  We’ll treat the personality and ego as relevant yet relative.

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS  A common daily challenge involves relationship to self, colleagues, friends, family. Together, you and Karuna will discuss communication styles and she’ll share communication techniques and strategies.  Importantly, you’ll put healthy communications in place during sessions.

SPIRITUAL BYPASSING OR THE EMPOWERED SPIRITUALIST?  Feel like you’re zoning out and taking scenic detours?  The practices of mindfulness and meditation are designed to help us feel more present and empowered.  With Karuna, you’ll explore dissociation, spiritual bypassing as well as authenticity and aligned action.

REMOVE PAIN WITH ALIGNMENT-BASED MOVEMENT  Do you have a recurring body ache?  Karuna will provide a personalized, alignment-based movement sequence that brings your body into optimal alignment to lessen or remove pain.

Articles by Karuna

Creativity and the Brain,” Top Santé UK Women’s Health Magazine

9 Simple Ways to a Happier You,” Mind Beauty Style

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When I first arrived, I was a very typical case — stressed, cloudy, easily agitated and filled with self-doubt. Karuna’s wholehearted approach helped me open. She is one of the few people to show me how to lead with love and be myself at the same time.

Charles Bohannan, financial professional