Corporate Team Coaching

Corporate Team Coaching

Leadership teams in today’s business environment face mounting challenges. Executives must see to the well-being of the people and the processes in their organizations. They must be able to anticipate multiple potential problems and support their colleagues to develop excellent work habits and leadership capacity.

Leading Minds Executive & Personal Coaching provides team-oriented coaching services for a wide array of businesses, with a specialty focus on executive teams in biotech/neuroscience and behavioral healthcare. Dr. Brendel understands the challenges such teams face and he speaks your language. He has had years of first-hand experience leading and facilitating groups in these industries. As Chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for 8 years at the largest private psychiatric research program in the world (Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital), Dr. Brendel honed his expert skills at leading and facilitating such groups. His years of clinical and executive leadership roles in major behavioral healthcare organizations position him as the ideal consultant and coach for your executive team.

Benefits of Corporate Team Coaching

Since today’s senior executive teams are under constant scrutiny from within and without, it is difficult to build an environment of complete trust and reliance. Individuals on the team fear their disclosures could be viewed as a sign of weakness and therefore tend to limit actual teamwork. Team coaching is a process whereby your executive team will learn to be more effective by realizing the strengths and weaknesses in the core group. Team coaching builds loyalty, teamwork and trust. Most of all, it increases the effectiveness of your organization by focusing and building communication. Team coaching will:

  • Turn your executive group into an executive team.
  • Save time in team meetings by increasing communication and minimizing personal and ego issues.
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • Improve the ability for a team to work towards a goal.
  • Identify areas of tension so that they can be discussed and managed.

As an executive team coach, Dr. Brendel will win your trust and engage the group in a worthwhile program to improve their practice and their lives. Together you will look at the way personalities and relationships on the executive team work together and work against finding the best solutions for the company. Your work with Dr. Brendel will help to uncover how best to balance each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Brendel’s experience as a psychiatrist and hospital executive makes him an excellent coach for a senior management team. His deep understanding of human psychology, combined with his experience as a certified executive coach, empower him to understand the team’s dynamics and help the team overcome challenges in order to achieve peak performance. Contact Dr. Brendel by phone at (617) 932-1548 or or email him at for more information.

“Thanks to Dr. Brendel our c-level meetings are much more productive. He showed us how to work together better and how to resolve some of the interpersonal issues we were having.”
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